After the Storm


I wept bitter tears that day,

my grief a jagged blade of flame

that tore at my insides,

my intestines writhing like maddened worms.

And I could do nothing,

nothing but curl up in a ball and wait,

the pain beyond


That day he broke your heart

as he battered your body.

The purpled black picture painted

on your face and

mirrored on your daughters.

Each false smile and tentative step

a dance lesson from pain


She shattered your life,

torturing you with smiles and gazes

and bleeding you dry.

Slowly, the cuts exquisite, execution flawless

you lose yourself.

A man no longer, but a puppet

on strings of pain


Your stomach may ache with

pain as old as the world

and your soul may thirst for just

one happy moment to color the black

and white world of your

biography of pain.

But the pain must end.

Though the sting is sharo, now,

it will fade to an ache,

and become a memory.

The pain will pass.

7 thoughts on “After the Storm

  1. Christina Marie

    My favorite parts were the first stanza and second stanzas. I love the imagery. Also, I love how you say you are “no longer a man, but a puppet on strings.” This is pretty dark and I think you convey the feeling of pain very well in this poem.

    • Thank you. It’s always strange when you realize that you’re over something that in the moment made you feel like you would die without it. But somehow we continue living and it gets easier.

  2. Beatrice

    Sombre:( This piece vividly defines hope…It greatly brings out the message that no situation will last forever and no matter how much we hold on to the pain,we need to let it go and “let it fade it into a memory”. Great stuff!

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