So I attend this psychology class in University,

A developmental psychology class

And we are told that we are put in stages according to our ages,

 From when we are born till the day we die

Each stage is neatly labeled, gift wrapped in neat square packages

Clearly marked with ages and the designated role

For example, as a teenager I am in the role identity vs. confusion stage

And when I grow up to a young adult I will be in intimacy vs. whatever

Being eighteen years old in a crazy world I am in the worst place

You see the thing we don’t take into account is that we are human

And we don’t fit into cute little boxes or stages limited by ages

But you see there are spaces in between these stages

Granted I can understand the role identity vs. confusion because I am lost

And I don’t know what role I am meant to play, so I think I’m confused

But maybe it’s not me but the worlds that’s confused

You see the thing that happened is I’m stuck in the crack

They always warn you not to step on the crack or you’ll break your mamas back

But they lied cuz it aint her back done broke but her heart

Cuz to be honest I’m trapped between stages, cuz I don’t know who I am

But I want someone to love me and I need to love somebody

But does it really work like that cuz when I ask her to tell me who she is and she says she’s she but is she lying?

Can she really know she’s she or who she really is cuz she’s confused

But when I ask her to tell me who she is she tells me she’s she and I believe her

So then I try to love her but how can I love her when I don’t love me cause I don’t know me

And so I’m stuck in between stages and my body is stuck in the invisible crack

That everyone pretends doesn’t exist cause they don’t wanna break their mamas back

And so people continue preaching these square stages even though the world aint square but round

And so for us who are crack stuck we become actors, actually no, we aint even factors

In the playpen of life on Shakespeare’s stage, cuz you know he says all life is a stage and we are just props

Cuz before we were children, who like cherubim in paintings were there to look cute and just be there to be there

But now we are growing up and we gotta fit these shoes and wear these roles see?

But the problem is we are trying to kiss the girl before we know what our lines are, whether we are meant to love her, hate her, kill her or not even know her

But we are too busy with our tongues in her mouth to learn our lines and play our roles and we don’t know who we are or what role we are meant to play

That’s the problem with life today we have to many because stuck in between these stages limited by ages



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