My Future Love


I miss you so bad it hurts
My life feels like a thunderstorm with no lightning, all noise and no light. 
Girl,  you are the light of my world, the moon in my midnight madness.
Your taste is so sweet and tender that my lips ache for you
Sweet like the last drops of a milkshake made of caramel crunch and the nectar of Gods
I slurp you up, your taste already fading and leaving behind an exquisite longing
You smell like comfort and chocolate chip cookies fresh out the oven
When I lay in bed late at night I can almost smell you besides me 
As if you just left the room
My love,  my heart, my soulmate.
I miss you more than I miss me and if I had to pick finding me or finding you I would pick me.
Because you deserve only the best I can give and until I find myself I don’t deserve you.
It took God six days to make the world, but thousands to sculpt the perfect arch of your eyelashes.
He paints a sunset every night to test the colors for your eyes
And he gave felines grace so the world would understand your stride
Your step is lighter that a butterflies kiss but stronger than a mothers love 
You are perfect and divine on the outside but when compared to the inside
Your body is the shadow of a shadow in a desert on the sun
Your mind is sharper than something really sharp and clearer than invisible water
Your personality is, well if there were words to describe it then it wouldnt be your personality.
You are gentle as a mothers loving embrace and as rough as a mothers loving embrace and a perfect balance
Your heart is bigger than the universe, each beat a big bang that expands it even more
Your soul is familiar 
Almost as if I had seen it before 
So familiar that I know it better than my own because it is our own
You are the yin to my yang, though I am not really sure what that even means
All I know is 
I am laying here at night, alone, and I miss you.
I miss your laughter that echoes somewhere in my heart
I am here alone and it hurts that you are not here besides me
So I write these words to remember you and to bandage my heart
I miss you my love.
And though we never met, I miss you more than my childhood
I will wait for you my love, sleep and remember to forget you till we meet


3 thoughts on “My Future Love

  1. David Eric Cummins

    Beautiful! I love the line “It took God six days to make the world, but thousands to sculpt the perfect arch of your eyelashes”. Absolutely brilliant!

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