You, Me, We


In age past, before the

darkness coalesced its liquid depths

and gave way to light.

Back, back before darkness

was dark and light bright

there was an egg.

A single potential in the

backdrop of impossibility.

A promise too potent to be

held by the cold embrace of


Within we lay, not there but



So was the universe born,

A potential within a sea of


And became we.


4 thoughts on “You, Me, We

  1. Christina Marie

    I don’t know what it is about this poem, but I enjoy the idea that something more emerged from nothing and when it seems as though it is an impossibility for it to even arise. It gives a sense of hope. Also, it seems as though it is a simple poem with great depth. I kind of picture you talking about love in this poem, correct me if I am wrong.

    • The thing I like about this poem is that it’s fluid, it’s about birth and the appearance of something. It could love, hope, peace and just about anything else that seems impossible.

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