Wasted Time-120 words-Raw-Realistic Fiction


         The chair shattered against the wall, echoing his shattered scream. He tore the tie of his neck and ripped of his designer suit coat.

          “Damn it God!” he cried, “I barely even know her! How can you do this to me!” A weak cough came from the next room and he froze mid-scream. He sprinted for the door, then opened it softly. 

           “Darling, it’s gonna be alright. Daddy is here now.” 

            He looked at her eyes, so young and innocent and all he could see was “Why weren’t you here, Why!?”

            Grasping her hand gently he pleaded “It was all for you honey, all those long hours were for you”. As her breath grew more shallow, he raged time wasted. 

2 thoughts on “Wasted Time-120 words-Raw-Realistic Fiction

  1. I loove how you hint to us as an audience about what may be happening,but leave enough room for personal interpretation. It arouses a great sense of curiosity… Something tells me you’re a phenomenal writer… I love this piece, well written

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