What Dark Crime was Committed?


What dark force prescribed this dark,

dark fate on those of us with darker skin,

those of us who were the savages of the

past who now roam the concrete

jungles as the gangsters of today


What dark deed did our dark fathers 

commit to darken the heart of him above

against us so, that we wept in chains 

of metal and now we weep in chains

of hunger, ignorance and apathy


Why must this dark skin of ours mark us, 

even in our motherland, the dark land that bore us

Why must our girls suffer in throes of self hate 

and scar their bodies as the brothers of the past

scarred the bodies of their brothers in the past

the whip scars gleaming white in the sun

like the bleached faces of our sisters, mothers and daughters. 


What crime was committed to merit

this never ending price and how much

dark blood, sweat and tears must be spilt

before this price is paid! 


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