Random Internet Writing Prompt: Hell Found Me.


        Hell found me. Well, I have to admit it probably wasn’t that hard. I mean, I have been following her around. Hannabelle, that is. Otherwise known as hell. 

        I’m a PK (preachers kid) and she is the daughter of the devil. Ok, so her dad doesn’t have horns or anything. He’s actually a very respectable member of the community. Problem is he’s an atheist.

        I remember the first words she said to me. The day was beautiful and the air smelled faintly of roses and jasmine and the birds sang harmoniously in the trees. Actually they probably didn’t but hindsight has a way of painting this rosy hue on perfect days.

        “Hi” she said as she walked by me in the hallway. (Yea, we were inside which is why I’m unsure about the harmony of the bird’s singing). “Mr. Scotch said we are supposed to be partners blah blah blah blah”

         The words faded as the image of our wedding day popped in my mind and I could here Mr. Scotch ask “Do you take this delightfully delicious cocoa colored priceless peach of a sexy girl to be your partner?”

         “I do!’ I exclaimed in my daydream. The confused look on her beautiful face snapped me back to reality and I realized I may have spoken out loud. She laughed then, a joyous trill of pure…purity and I could here the crackle of Hell’s fires and the cackle of the demons in her voice. That laugh made me think thoughts that would give my pastor a heart attack if I confessed.  

          She flipped her hair back and it shimmered in the sunlight (again we were inside so probably not) and I swear I could here the devil whispering in my ears. She spoke words I couldn’t here over the pounding of my body cause hearts can’t make that sound and then casually grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her desk. She plopped down on the seat and let go of my hand before I prove that spontaneous combustion is a reality and pulled out her notebook. Waving her elegant fingers through the air like a conductor more words poured out her mouth like a molten stream. Each note of her husky voice stroking my ear canal and dancing a tango in the pleasure center of my brain. 

         She paused and looked at me questioningly and I gathered enough wits to plaster a grin on my face and nod. She smiled and my heart skipped a beat. I think, I wasn’t really counting. But to make the story short. She looked at me with those brilliant green eyes and asked me if I wanted to come over to her house tonight.

          And that is how Hell found me and I lost my…oh wait…Do you think she meant to work on the assignment?


3 thoughts on “Random Internet Writing Prompt: Hell Found Me.

  1. The theme behind this is good, the writing prompt gave you a lot to work with and you put a really interesting spin on it. I must say, the writing gets better as the piece goes on, your style is stronger at the end than it is in the beginning. Watch out for that.
    Also watch out for the repetition of words such as “actually”, especially in short spaces of writing. Re-read your work and make sure that you don’t overuse certain vocabulary.

      • caroljforrester

        No worries, I try to make my comments as constructive as possible, so just drop me a note if you ever want something looked at with a critical eye.

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