Can you feel it?

Tha Thud Tha Thud Tha Thud

That is the sound of your soul smiling 

Hhhummmmmmm hhummmmmmmmm

Look at the colors bursting from our mouths

Glistening strands of beautiful music

Each strand pure and alone 

but as the conductors hands sweep the air

a tapestry of love, hope and oneness is woven

Can you see it?

The sounds of life and struggle as they pour

from our mouths and are transformed

into masterpieces

Can you taste our groove

the electric of the vibe and the bubbles

of joy popping into flashes of white teeth

We rise and fall like oceans 

fearless and relentless we attack!

Many as one

Our waves battering the walls 

of ignorance and prejudice

We are unique and we glow shine

like stars in the firmament

But we are one galaxy, a bright lit way 

to peace 

We sing, we celebrate, we mourn, we worship

we lift our voices to the heavens and challenge 

the angels to awaken

and they descend and listen

struck stone silent by the beauty 

and fragility of our humanity 

and for a breath all is silent

but even as the last note fades and the tapestry

is quiet, the colors silent and muted

and we turn to leave and fade back to a world of gray

The colors of our music and the sounds of our hearts

and the humm thud of our collective soul

now gossamer strong strings of love connecting us. 

And so we walk our walks, 

carving tattoos of ourselves on the face of the world

our steps marking the the map that is the

entirety of human potential

We are one.

Our hearts bound by love, joy and a hope for a better tommorow

We are one.

We have one voice.

We are the Choir.  

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