The Silver Wind


The leaf shivers in the silver wind

the life green color swimming through the breeze

weeping branches swaying lightly

and bowing softly as they whisper into the silence

the stream of air is thoughtful and slow

taking as it passes only the deepest secrets 

as the trees rustle sing them from the depths

a silent whisper of promise that echoes

and resounds from the roots of life and birth of potential

pregnant with secrets so potent the air is heavy

but also light as a feather of curiosity

dancing and flitting from branch to flower

to root to revive a dead brown leaf and teach it to dance

it is a laughing wind that knows enough

to know not to take anything too seriously

it smells of wisdom, birth and apple cinnamon

scent stolen from an unsuspecting girl

a bright wind, invisible silver in the midday sun

it murmurs and giggles and steals voices to tell stories

as it dances with the trees and sings with the leaves

and then leaves to steal more secret scents

but before it goes it circles the tree and whispers clearly

Be Free 


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