I will Sing You to Me


My attempt at Form Poetry…


I will sing you to me

My voice will ride the winds of time

And sound in the echoes of your desire

My love will tinkle softly like a child’s laugh

You will hear it in the silent midnight

I will sing and you will hear


My drum will be my heartbeat, hear

The boom boom boom of my desire

And strain your ears so you can hear me

My voice a light in the black midnight

A beacon that echoes across time

Listen to the future and hear us laugh


My love when I lay in the sweet dark of midnight

The quiet of the night my choir of desire

I sing you a song, I sing you to me

My voice is a brush and my canvas time

And for color I splatter it with a yellow laugh

The colors so bright surely you must hear


With my voice I paint you for all to hear

I sing the graceful curve of your neck I so desire

The flare of your royal nose as you laugh

And the ebon skin so much fairer that midnight

With my longing I call you to me

But can you hear, will my voice reach in time?


My beautiful love, I sing you to me.

With my voice I call for you to hear me.

My love, I will sing you to me and you will hear.


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