Oldies but Goodies Number 6: Investments


Oldies but Goodies Six: Investments. Yesterday while walking in the hall I heard a daughter say “Don’t thank me, after all you raised me.” I am assuming this was in response to her mother trying to thank her for either visiting or bringing her something. And it struck a chord, after all the mother invested in her daughter by raising her properly and benefited by getting proper care in her old age. Lesson to be learned learn to invest. Not just in things, but in people. Nurture good friendships. Cherish people in your life and it will be repaid. Raise your children well. And also invest in yourself, treat your body right and it will last much longer. Invest in your mind, you owe yourself an education. And invest in your spirit. Find something worth believing in and then believe in it. But make sure it’s the right thing!


To read the ones before go here: https://patheticwithpotential.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/oldies-but-goodies-relevant-advice-gained-from-the-nursing-home-experience-5/


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