A Lonely Boy


“Great party last night!” boomed Jace from the front of the room as he nonchalantly threw his letterman jacket over his shoulder. “This is gonna be the greatest senior year ever!”

                The words continued to flow from the mouths of my classmates, rising and ebbing like a sea of sound. “Plans for dinner…” “Duuude…” “..And then she…”

                Bits of conversations would drift into my ears as they walked by. Waves lapping on the shore of an island but always receding. That’s how the words, the conversations were. I would always hear, listen from the distance, catch little scraps but never did I have full intercourse. No teasing foreplay of snide comments or sports trivia. No interesting exploration of positions and ideas. No satisfactory conclusion of a debate well fought. Just scraps.

                “It’s ok, you don’t need them anyway.” I muttered to myself as I ground the pencil lead into the deep groove on the corner of my desk. “You’re perfectly fine without them. Who cares what they think?”

                I glanced up quickly, hoping maybe someone had heard my dark muttering and noticed. Nothing. The class droned on as if nothing had happened. In the beginning at least I got some weird looks. But now nothing. The taste of blood exploded into my mouth before the pain did. Damn it! I had bitten my cheeks from gnashing my teeth. I couldn’t stand him!      

                There he stood like some power drunk wizard king enjoying his concubines. Three! He was having not one but three conversations simultaneously! With three different people. And here I am, the only pleasure I get is this inner dialogue. This pathetic beating around the bush and following the same old thought patterns day in and day out.

                “Fine, if that’s how it’s gonna be then fine. I am sick of it all. You better listen cause I am about to tell you how you are all gonna die.” I mutter whispered my defiance to the ocean. The only response was a girlish laugh from one of Jace’s concubines at one of his witty jokes. 


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