Broken Promises


Broken promises, like dreams forgotten,  

nightmares whispered against sullen silence,

and hopes shattered by lips unbending

are the scars we, bare, bear


The scar-stories that crisscross our bodies

and riddle our psyches with questions,

small fantasies created to cope with the pain

whispered in secret slumber, as our secrets slumber


Each jagged promise a layer of naivety stripped,

naked and raw, as the nature is observed

the story of the self, whored to the masses

in the form of scar stories that darken our eyes

and overshadow our youth with burdens borne


Each broken promise, a burden borne on broken back

Each battered body beckons, begging for blessed rest

But the scars seethe and sorrow for forgotten sanctities

and there is no peace, no, not even in the silence


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