Wishing Well


For those lonely moments, when darkness fades
into something more than mere black,
for those illusive realities trapped
between illusion and fantasy
when life is too much and too rough
and you just stop for a moment to breathe
but the air is so cold that it hurts
so cold, so seemingly fresh but really
the same stagnant air make new by desire,
but your heart craves it and so you breathe,
deep, deep gulps of it until you’re drowning in air
Your eyes glaze over and you’re blinded
by forgotten sunlight as sunsets unseen dance
before your eyes and stars unwritten flash
like bygone memories on your galaxy of regret
you remember that it’s only an alternate reality
and just a possibility that if realized might
explode the earth with passion and end all
life with the relentless barrage of heated meteors
or cause it all to implode in the cold fury of silence
so instead of wishing for wishes and fairy tale kisses
you kiss the coin and throw it in the wishing well
watch as it drowns, hoping that as it spirals slowly down
and rests gently on the rough, pitted surface
that the currents will direct it gently
and carefully, slowly, slowly roll it until it meets
another coin like the one left in your pocket
and be happy, drowning in your wishes


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