My Little Fairy


The swing creaks in the empty blackness,

dark coils drowning into the darkness

as her head is flung back in joy


a broken doll, used hard by life

she flings herself into the air,

the swing whispering soft music

as she freezes in the moonlight,

hidden scars illuminated,

her fairy wings glowing dimly


she laughs then, a ringing melody

of sound that rolls through the woods,

makes the trees cry for their little lost fairy

dancing through in the darkness

her jade eyes deep pools of experience

blue sadness coalesced.


a fairy princess, overflowing with other

shackled by heavy doubts, she swings

back and forth through the darkness,

afraid to live but not afraid to give


her broken heart brimming with life

she nurtures spirits and shines candle light

for the lost souls wandering her woods

trapped in mazes of their own making


one day she too will walk the maze

break free from the lonesome darkness

and remember who she is meant to be

not a fairy princess overflowing with other

but an angel, a shining symbol of hope


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