My Eyes have Seen Truth by Christina W


Winters have come and gone,

Yet we still feel the cold

Lingering in our bones.
The heartache remains

After each painful memory inspires the Truth;
We see the world for what it really is…

The world is transformed

Through our souls’ intellect.

Each witnessing from our own eyes:

Our own truth.


Close your eyes and picture anything
Create your own beauty

Inspire dreams that have not been dreamt,

Allow yourself to learn from life’s presence,
For each moment that flutters by

We evolve from our current mystery.

Daily we find a stranger in our skin

But with a familiar texture.

Through the pain I felt;

Through the hope I believed;

Through the joy that rattled inside,

I know life has transpired

I know that I no longer am

Completely who I was.


But to uncover our Truth

We can dance with the bird songs

And for a moment’s time,

Feel the rhythm beneath our feet.

So sing with the rustic chimes,

And shout to the world your Truth!

So as each Winter comes in

I anchor my roots in this harsh ground
Then, brace myself for the chill

I know deep within;

I will always conquer the winter
And push forth as Spring returns.
I will be renewed

And blossom into someone wiser, braver.
My eyes have witnessed Truth


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