Beauty- For Women


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I Googled the word beauty and found that,  

Beauty is a white woman’s face, perfectly proportioned,

Pink lipstick properly portioned,

With fives make up brushes pointed at key places.


Underneath a quote: Beauty is not in the face; beauty is in the light of the heart

Beauty is not in the face…but in the light of the heart.

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,

The beheld beholden, at the behest of the beholders holding of their beauty, their worth.


We all know that women can’t be inherently beautiful,

Inherited bodies bountifully blessed, no.

Only when fake plastered with plastic paint can the perfect beauty truly shine

And we, men, castrated by capitalistic corporations to capitulation can’t raise beautiful daughters.

Can’t counsel the insecurity restrictions or cancel the iniquitous subscriptions.

Let our daughters live in the imagination creation of malevolent masterminds that is

the fantastical TV land where perfect people perch with beauty bought from bottles

instead of teaching her the perfection of potential, the beauty of belief and the power of possibility


our daughters grow to be wives, mothers, sisters and aunts,

trapped like ants in a anteater world where each day is war

and they can’t leave the house without war paint

wordless glances eviscerating their foes and decimating the enemy

only to have each glancing blow landed by disdainful glance

leave internal scars seen in the mirror

the mirror which never names her the most fair in the land


so she is stuck, chasing a white face, perfectly proportioned

unable to be satisfied by the perfection incarnate that she was born

and we, men, stand aside hopelessly helpless unable to help

until now.

I refuse to stand on the sideline of this one-sided fight

So I write this for every man, boy or child that has told the women they love that they are beautiful

And not been believed.

For every time I looked you in the eyes, told you that you were perfect and you did not believe me.

For every night spent showing her, her body with trembling fingers and for each whispered word, drunk in the perfection of the moment broken by the disbelief ingrained in the insecurities

You are beautiful. No. We know women are not inherently beautiful.

You are beyond beautiful.

This is for every woman I have met, will meet and will never meet.

Beauty can’t even begin to capture your being, you are so far beyond the word that to call you beautiful wouldn’t be becoming.

Your eyes shine like miniature supernovas when you laugh at something stupid

Your mouth hold the promise of tomorrow, whether curved in a smile or open and yelling or giving the valedictorian speech.

Your hair is the foundation of a dream catcher, each strand the rope I will use to save myself when stranded and lonely I will sink my fingers into your length and relax my worries

Your body is the perfect fit for my puzzle, you fold into me like a puppies love, all-encompassing and warm.  So warm you melt my rough edges into the softness of self

You smell like home and adventure and mystery and magic and fresh cookies

Your heart makes the Grinch jealous because it is a million times to big, so big that you can fit my mistakes and still have room to love me. Your heart is so big that if you allow it, it can love you too…scars and all.

Your soul is the missing link, the answer to why we are on earth and the solution to the greatest problems

You are my mother. You are my sister. You are my lover, my wife, my unborn daughter. My friend. My companion. My soul mate.

Don’t you dare you dare tell me that you are not beautiful.

You are beyond beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t. Especially not that girl in the mirror.