Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart


From the moment my heart, smaller than the head of a match 

flared to life my blood pumped thanksgiving to you.

My every waking cry was a shout of praise for breath and each 

crawling step on bended knees a worshipful sacrifice of praise

My musical babbling,  joyful noise falling upon attentive ears

as my incoherent songs of worship colored the angels wings

as they gathered and whispered, “watch as he prays” 

I stumble through a broken “Our Father, Who art in Heaven”. 

each faltering word drenched with understanding based of childlike faith,

the forgotten lines pauses for you to answer back

This was when I knew the perfection of dependence 

and before the notion of privilege was battered into my skull. 

A simpler time when my every exultation was born from my grateful heart

and expressed in every breath that past from my lips

Before I grew to understand poverty and strife and misery

but even now, though my steps are sure and firm on the earth

and my voice has lost the magical innocence of incoherence

and each prayer is an elaborate treatise arranged just so

still within me beats that same heart, now the size of a fist,

a fist hammering down the walls of self reliance and apathy

and remembering what it was to laugh and talk with you in a forgotten 

patch of sunlight, thanking you for making the sky blue because

I really liked the color and asking why you made fire hot.

When I realize that in the simplicity of my childhood you cared for me

and in the ignorance of my youth you stilled cared

and now in the confusion of my young adulthood you still care

my flaming fist sized heart swells in song as I give thanks

as I give thanks with a grateful heart. 


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