I am a broken toy ticking, talking, walking through the motions

My brain submerged in the sea of my overwhelming emotions

Flailing and silently wailing, hoping that somehow you can hear

forgetting that I am forgotten, cast away by what I once held dear

My each step casting dark shadows across every heart I meet

nothing can survive the onslaught of my kiss, burned by the heat

and I am left alone in the silence, only the remembered tears

drowning out the reign of my flames, leaving only my fears

my tell tale heart beats rapid, pumping bloody stories from my scar

which torn open spills out the quiet misery of the distance, far

from me even though my hand can almost brush through your hair

but the chains of my own making constrain me and I wouldn’t dare

break free so instead I march forward, hypnotically robotic

flesh surrendered to the metal cage of duty, dramatic

expressions contained and hidden away to leave unblemished surface

perfectly polished and properly gleaming, without a spot of disgrace

to mar the beautiful golden creation that is slowly killing me

you could save me, maybe, but you aren’t ready to set me free

I will wait, marching silently, smile worn like armor to protect

all my secrets, hoping one day you will near me and detect

all the words I have hidden in plain sight for you to see

and then maybe you will be able to turn the key and free me.


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