It’s the Little Things in Life


It’s the little things.

The door held open when your hands

are just a little too full

The bright smile and hello when

your world is just a little too dark

The careless perfect words uttered

by a friend at just the right time

the leaves blowing aimlessly,

dancing through the air.

The first burst of flavor

and your teeth sink into

a fresh strawberry.

The echoing silence after a good song.

The ache of muscles well worked

The smell of wood smoke

The weathered palm of my grandmother’s hand

the pleasant weight of a wallet

freshly filled

the way your eyes shine in the light

the memories of marvelous moments

the daily dance of duty,

endlessly pointless but filled with purpose

a porpoise arching through the air

breathing, beating, feeling

the curve of your lips

and the beauty of the silent moments

when the world seems to take a breathe


Sometimes life isn’t about the big picture.

Sometimes why, and how don’t matter

sometimes…it’s just the little things.



4 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things in Life

  1. “The first burst of flavor
    and your teeth sink into
    a fresh strawberry.”

    The poem as a whole brought a soft, contented smile to my face as I reflected on the delight of each of these simple joys. These lines, especially, put a wide grin on my face. Strawberries are a personal favorite. Well done!

    The Scribbler

    • Thank you! This was just a simple poem to capture my day and tried to appreciate the good things instead of dwelling on all the negatives. Nothing like fresh strawberries 🙂

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