It’s Ok to be Lonely


I am lonely


It aches, piercing like a brain freeze

but slow and monotonously wretched

like the squelching of mud filled shoes

It’s burns like a forest fire, but yet

is as inexorable and liquid as drowning.

It’s a pressing need, urgent and relentless

like a bladder in need of emptying

but at the heart, a lack, a hunger that

rivals the desire for food, water or even air.




The curse of curses, to be lonely is to be alone

whether in a crowd or deserted island.

To be lonely is to be hungry, starving but unable

Loneliness, the darker sister of love

hated as she, love, is loved by all.

To be lonely is a disgrace, a lack must be filled

so she, loneliness is discarded for love

time and time again, most not caring to know,

is this love right, but ask rather

this is love, right?


We fling ourselves into love, leaping without cords

into the great unknown because it’s better to love,

but what happens when love turns dark

and wine drunk sweet sours to bitter vinegar

When thoughtless leaps lands in the thorn bush

without the sweet smelling roses for company

Do we hate the darker sister so much as to die

rather than to learn to live with her?


To be lonely is to dance on the razor blade of life,

feeling the intensity of lack but appreciating the fill

To be lonely is to stand on the edge of the precipice,

bile filled throat, as the cold wind tears at your skin

To be lonely is to dive deep, deep down, breathless

and stay waiting in the depths for nirvana

To be lonely is to run until your body screams in agony,

mile after relentless mile waiting for the high

To be lonely is to curl up alone on a cold winter night,

crack open a world and try to forget

To be lonely is to wait, not knowing what the future holds


Loneliness is the darker sister of love,

darker in her subtlety and craft

but no worse than the ravenous beast

She is the pause between life and death,

the ache between hunger and satiation

and the pang between love and loss

Loneliness is waiting, loneliness is life


Loneliness is Ok.


7 thoughts on “It’s Ok to be Lonely

  1. Wow, this really preached to me Moses. What an inspiration! Loneliness is just a part of life… a phase, a normal period. It serves, it teaches, it causes us to grow. A time for loneliness, a time for love. – I think I learned something.

  2. You, sir, have eyes. You have eyes and a deep insight for the interconnectedness of life, with it’s joys and sorrows and seasons. Moreover, you can weave with words and craft lines that are undeniably accurate. Well done, and I’m quite excited to be following your blog!

    The Scribbler

  3. Reblogged this on Journey of a Scribbler and commented:
    I find these words fitting for tonight, after a day that has been filled with such an array of emotions as to leave me feeling isolated from the world and unable to connect with others. But here, I find measurable comfort and a sense of peace.

    The Scribbler

  4. MusicalComputerGeek

    Incredible. My favorite samples of writing are the ones to which I can relate, and this definitely meets that criterion. I’ll definitely be referring back to this piece for inspiration.

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