Our Love Was in the Moments


Our love was in the moments,

the moments, like perfect bite sized morsels

in between the stretches of ravenous hunger.

The breathless moments when time stopped

but flashed past faster than our eyes blinked.

Our love was in the quiet times,

the perfect pauses, not pregnant but perfect

sitting silently in mutual understanding.

In the spontaneous hilarity of piggy back rides

and playful wrestling competitions.

It was in the mesmerizing metronome of

park swings slicing the night sky.

In the late night jogs where we spoke

with the crunch of our feet on the gravel.

In the simplicity of the everyday,

walking down the grocery store aisle,

an island apart in the sea of people.

The careless car rides thrumming with music

the soundtrack to our lives echoing.

The lonely sunsets that bled brilliant colors

into the night as our voices rose and fell

like waves baring the buried secrets.

It was in the rainy days,

the staccato sounds sweet against

the surrounding silence.

It was rocks skipping gaily across

the pond swimming with sunlight

and the laughter that would ripple forth.

It was the broken moments,

when tears would fall relentlessly

and we would drown in the melancholy.

It was in the contented companionship

of each others company.

Our love wasn’t in the grand gestures or gifts,

it was a quiet love and soft,

treasured in the quiet moments of contemplation

and crowned in the comfort of each other.

It was in those moments when we would,

solemnly exchange hearts, fragile and tender

and simply exist in the safety togetherness.

Words long surpassed by understanding

and struggle by being.

Our love was in the moments.



3 thoughts on “Our Love Was in the Moments

  1. As I came to the end of this, I was reminded of the use of the verb “was” rather than “is”. And I thought to myself, only a love that is in those types of moments is solid enough to with-stand practically anything. So now I’m curious, but also a bit melancholy. After reading, I’m left wondering….what happened to this love? Spectacular, sir. A twist I was not quite prepared for but makes this piece incredibly powerful.

    The Scribbler

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