Broken Girl


Broken girl.

I loved you for your imperfection,

tracing your scars

and following your flaws

like Perseus followed the yarn.


Broken girl.

You were a perfect specimen

of how beautiful humanity

can be, once it’s taken out

of the box.


Broken Girl.

I tried to fix you,

patching your broken heart

with words and a shoulder.

Only now do I realize you

weren’t broken at all.


Strong warrior.

Forgive me for my pity.

For it lessened your sacrifice.

Wear your scars proud,

because you are not broken, girl

but a conqueror.


8 thoughts on “Broken Girl

  1. Laurisa

    Hey, this was pretty cool. Definitely a good one about not trying to change your friend, but see them for what and who they are.

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