Casual Encounter


I had a casual encounter with death,

robed in a red velvet bag,

strapped to the cold metal gurney

advancing through the doors

elevator arrow pointing up

as the squeak of the wheels faded.

The doors whispered shut

as if to echo the closing

of more celestial portals

as my breath continued unabated.

Death walked past me,

no more grim than the face

of the suited men carting the carcass.

The silence that reigned underlined

the casualty of the casualness,

result of carefully crafted callousness

causality clearly kept secret.

A moment of momentousness as life

passes reduced to a simple event

to remark upon in the passing

fancy of idle curiosity, casual cruelty.

I  met death today, a casual encounter

somehow more haunting

for the lack of portentousness.



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