Tomorrow Has Come


The wind dances through the trees,

subtly teasing the naked limbs

and igniting the flickering leaves

to burn brilliant like flames,

an orgy of constantly changing color.

The moving performance soundlessly

echoes in the heart, a celebration

of death in all its beauty, brightly burning

but not alight, simply being.

The wind rips at the leaves

like a jealous lover and casts them down

under my feet where they

crunch, crackle and pop

setting my heart aflame with courage

as I walk on the dry flames

and breathe in the scent of freedom

and sacrifice as it sings out

in the music the wind makes in passing.

An autumn walk transformed

into a moment lost in the endless cycle

of life, death and resurrection

that our human minds cannot comprehend

but the wind, trees and sky dance daily.

In that peaceful moment of brilliance

I knew tomorrow had arrived.


This poem is matched up with a previous poem titled Better Tomorrow, you can read either one first but this is the response to that one. Please read them and comments 🙂 :


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