I am drowning, mind sinking in the sewage,

waves of filth battering against my barriers

leaving me shell shocked at the spillage

of hate that ceaselessly pours from carriers

of diseased minds, deceased feelings of humanity

simply hate filled shells of ignorance and malice

keyboard warriors and online bullies, depravity

at its most vile, hearts beyond bitter, callous

chattering filling up the comments and chat rooms,

the anonymity giving free rein to buried vice

as prejudice and bias and intolerance, like fumes

from a malodorous wound spewing putrid advice

from cruel fingers like “Go Kill Yourself …”

ellipse representing any number of inane descriptions

victims race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference…

that does not accord to the bullies mental subscriptions.

The internet, the new frontier, dominion of discovery

and uncharted province of unlimited potential,

is also worse than the lowest hell, beyond recovery

as the outpouring of ignorance becomes a torrential

superabundace of stupidity, an overflowing offering

to some evil god hellbent on rendering us bestial

reducing our efforts of civilization to mere scribbles

of incomprehensible dross that pervert the celestial

signs used to lift ourselves above beasts, now dribbles

of sense are all that can be found while reading comments

and shattered, all I can ask is “How can we be so hateful?”

What missing piece leaves us so empty, what torments

vex us so much that we tear down each other in spiteful

rage and call each other words that should never be birthed

into being let alone used to describe another human being.

The answer is not necessary, but the question now unearthed

must be met by action, we must fight against this disembodying

and realize that people, even when letters on a screen

are still people who can be hurt by letters on the screen.

If we can’t fix this, don’t be surprised if the end is foreseen

we must stand up, make a difference and change this scene


One thought on “Y U TROLL?!

  1. I’ll admit, the difference between title and content threw me off a bit. However, I really liked this piece. There seems to be a certain urgency, a desperation to right the many wrongs. It works, because it doesn’t trade passion for good delivery. Well written, and also well felt. Good job on this one.

    The Scribbler

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