Empty Raft, Lonely House



bereft of purpose

driftwood debris

floating forever




melancholy and drear

deserted domicile

feeling forlorn



3 thoughts on “Empty Raft, Lonely House

  1. This is perhaps one of the shortest ones I’ve seen from you. I’m…intrigued. It’s brevity functions perfectly to add mood and tone. Many of your works take me through a dizzying whirl of thoughts that pound home with every line. This one? It’s simply two blows, two clangs of a solemn bell. It’s two stakes, driven through the heart. I would name this as one of the most powerful pieces I’ve read from you, if not the most powerful. Fantastic, good friend.

    The Scribbler

    • Thank you my friend. This…it’s the result of having too much to say and not wanting to say anything at all. I ripped these lines out by force of will and put them on paper. Normally poetry is a cathartic outpouring of my essence, words almost tripping over themselves in a rush to get out of my head and into the world. But this was something so guttural and private that I shrank away from writing it because there were no pretty words to dress the ugliness inside. These images worked to portray my feeling while also completely masking my intent. Thank you for your kind words, they are deeply appreciated.

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