We Create the World


This is rare. Normally I write poem because they are significantly easier to conjure up and at the heart of it all I am a lazy writer. However, I am in the mood for something else and this blog is as good as any place to post it.

What I am about to say was triggered by me Facebook creeping on an old friend’s page and as the clicking continued, stumbling upon a profile picture of her in a bikini. After contemplating how much she’s changed from the young girl shamelessly exposing herself to the world of pretty messed up people to the relatively mature responsible lady she is today, I then started thinking about the meaning behind the bikini itself and realized that our reality is a cultural creation.

Now, I am not saying anything really ground breaking since most of this has already been discussed in various communications and psychology books. However, I am presenting this as a way of laying to rest something that has troubled me for a long time. This is a question I have posed many times to many different people and gotten the same response. Why is it OK for a woman to walk around in a bikini but not in bra and panties when the only difference as fast as I can see is an infinitesimal amount of fabric? The reason obviously is because WE, as a culture have normalized the bikini and privatized the bra and panties. The sheer amount of cultural manipulation is such that it affects us at a physiological level. Most men will get somewhat aroused if they encounter a woman in just bra and panties since the only time such an occurrence *typically* will happen is within a sexual setting. However, most men will ogle at woman in a bikini but exhibit less physiological reactions.

The point of all this is to graphically illustrate the power of our minds over the reality of our world. Not so much our individual minds but the group mind, and the organizations that dictate the workings of said mind. This cultural group mind is what advertiser use as a vehicle to attempt to drive their products home. And that is how the fashion industry convinced us that two identical seeming outfits were actually completely different simply because they said so.

What does all this matter one might ask, after all most intelligent/educated people know or understand this concept at a basic level. What does it matter? What matters is knowing that this entity, this group think, this matrix level overlord exists because this knowledge is power. Earlier I said we don’t really have much control over the realities that we all collectively perceive as an individual because that just wouldn’t be a feasible option. After all if I decided to start wearing my winter jacket to the shower and claiming that it’s not a winter jacket but in fact my shower suit most people would call me crazy. Crazy. That’s the exception, crazy people can potentially make huge changes to the over mind as individuals by simply doing the completely absurd. Obviously this is not a guaranteed occurrence, however all radical changes to our way of seeing the world around us were brought about by veritable madmen who we later re-dubbed as geniuses. After all crazy and gifted are often two sides of one coin, and with some individuals the difference is so negligible that it may as well not exist.

I have taken the long and windy pathway through this discussion by I want to end by simply saying that to make change happen, do the crazy! And pray because honestly genius is like 90 percent luck 😛


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