Dead Fish and Smoky WInd


The shore was littered with dead fish,

pastel pink flesh flashing faintly in the sun.

My toes sunk into the awkward ground

squishing the cold distance beneath my feet.

My eyes water as I gaze out toward the sea

seeing nothing but a limitless potential past

now I am on land, my sea legs wobbling slowly

heading to a future that is written in the sky

with smoky letters that dance away just before,

each swirling sign a map to my destination

but the wind is playful and carelessly heedless

tossing the letters beyond my psyches reach.

I stumble onward through the sea of fish

and march as the silent drummer plays

for me a lullaby that tells me one day I will be.


2 thoughts on “Dead Fish and Smoky WInd

  1. I’ve read this twice… And I think I’ll need to read it over and over and over again. And a few more times. This is one that… Gah, no, I’m not going to say anything else because that would ruin it, that would ruin it all. Let me just go read this again.

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