Discover my Depth


Hidden in plain sight you cannot see me,

my mask is too fitting for this masquerade

and you see only the shadow of my reflection

as I silently dance the lonely night away.


I am obnoxiously present, ambiguously apparent

but even now I slip swiftly into your memory banks

and simply surrender myself to the hidden deep

as we whisper words that mean nothing in the night.


My eyes beg you to find me, to discover my soul,

unearth this obvious mystery I have disguised so well

and strip me naked of my lies and truly see me

but you are blinded by the light and can’t hear me sing.


I am hidden in the crowd, ever present in the corner

of your eye but never quite real enough for you to be

inclined to stop for a moment and discover my depth

so we simply smile sweetly and swim on the surface.


5 thoughts on “Discover my Depth

  1. Reminiscent of our conversation, I presume? Well done. The only technical comment I have is concerning the line
    “but you are blinded by the light and can’t hear it sing.”
    Does the “it” refer to your soul or the lies? Depending on what you mean, I would suggest replacing “it” with “me”. Because the depth you want them to discover is, essentially, you.
    But, nevermind that. It’s great, and another personal favorite.

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