Sometimes We Must Roar


Silence must sometimes rule,

solemn seasons of silence as celibate

lips speak only to soothe and lull.

Times when the ears must be alive,

and the irresponsible tongue chained

behind the resolute calcium walls.

Moments of serenity when peace

speaks sweetly in the melancholy night

and satisfies savage heart’s desires.


Silence must also sometimes cease,

and voices voraciously venture forth

like daring dragons to seize the day.

The serenity blanket covering our discontent

must be torn asunder by the rising swell

billowing from our throats like summer storms

proclaiming our refusal to desist from resistance

and shatter the silent orders of the overlord.

In the face of injustice we cannot stay silent.


Sometimes we must ROAR.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes We Must Roar

  1. Not gonna lie, I just listened to Katy Perry’s “Roar” before listening to this. In all seriousness, I enjoyed this. From someone who is silent more often than not, I’m glad you paired the two stanzas just so. A lot of times we don’t recognize that our chatter is just noise, and forget how loudly we could raise a war-cry. But when we are called to…I think we’ll find our voices. Excellent, dear friend.

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