Arrogant Ignorance-The American Birthright


Contempt drips thick as words fall soft from lips,

barbed words that smear and stab like the spears

we stick in the ground and erect as fences, waiting

to be used to stake unsuspecting hearts of others.

People like us, but just unlike us enough that we can’t

like them, so we liken them to monsters in our fiction.

We color them evil in the stories we tell our children

behind the closed doors and in averted, hateful eyes.

Careless of the hurt because they obviously can’t feel

pain, or panic when punished for simply existing.

In class we preach acceptance, but werewolves prowl

our suburban streets, raping our children at home

but we are too busy exorcising ever present demons

with a steady regiment of exercise and extreme dieting

to hear the boy who cried wolf bleed tears from his wrists.

We isolate others in our disdain, forgetting to dream,

our imagination sold out and our talents stripped publicly

for the zombie hoard to feast upon in this succubi system

of violence, misogyny and cruelty that we have accepted.

Even in silence we still hurt as we ostracize wordlessly,

huddled groups of middle school children unified to hate

and isolate other children as they were taught in stories

slipped into their ears by backward robbers that stole

their sensitivity for curiosities and left only cruelty.

We live in fear of the other, the hideous monsters out there

failing to look in the mirrors at our hearts and truly see.

The monster spews spontaneously forth every time we

silence our conscious, utter utterly unconscionable things

and continue living without even remembering to care.

We have all caught affluenza, so dead drunk on freedom

and wealth beyond the world’s dreams that we are incapable

of seeing the damage we deal with our arrogant ignorance.

It’s simply seems to be our destiny manifested in the lack

of protest when our glorious Titanic smashes the iceberg,

because we grind the leaves of lettuce endlessly in our teeth

and swallow the bitter  injustice relentlessly running rampart.

We claim to want to change, but we are too ignorantly arrogant.


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