Midnight Melodrama


Nothing changes, the ripples swirling inward

a whirlpool of mirrored progression, regression

my feet squelch through muddy emotions

and slip on the thin ice of disinterestedness,

a casualty of casual cruelty I can’t advance.

I am a Knight trying to take two steps forward

unable to untwist my path to make it clear,

so I sit stalemated in fear, unwilling to leap.

The savage anger that burned within burned out

and I am left strung out like an addict,

I need to understand but I can’t remember

that perfect picture because it was never taken.

Forsaken folly now rules my miserable mind,

better a mistake made well than one botched

in delivery, actions aborted leave only stress.

A mess easily avoided but I am deaf

and cannot hear the please from within

so I circle and circle the drain, praying

hoping that maybe this time I will drown.



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