Exorcising Demons


Music thrums through the body, exorcising demons

ripping out hidden skeletons and exposing the flesh

flayed from the bones by the relentless heart shattering.

Music beat by the drummer dancing the feet to failure,

body dancing into the night hoping to learn how to fly.

Only silence and a sick feeling follows the lack of leap,

slowly silence is summoned by the celibate lips, it reigns

on the parade, shuts down the party, not party to love, lust?

Pain follows the silence, steady shuttering captures shattering

in plain amateur film, gorily glorifying the ghastly expose.

Chest ripped open, irregular heart ripped from gaping hole

and presented like a present, wrapped in chains, locked

treasure in a chest, meant to be shared but rather hoarded.

Forgetting to beat, only beating passion and spilling self hate,

gripping self-confidence and choking life from the essence of being.

Music thrums- exorcising demons, but the gates of hell yawn wide

within and the devil himself strums the lines of fate, whispering.

Emptied and poured out, depression container cracked, leaking

leaving nothing inside but rage, smoldering, smoking fury,

a fire lit on wood too green, too soon, billowing black belligerence

punishing no one but the inside of the body is charred charcoal,

stomach acid eating the silence screams and drowning hope.

Rage in the moment, scream in the silence and dance, dance!

Music thrums through, exorcising demons while exercising.

Inhale, breathe, forgive, forget, love, live.  Live! Live! Live!


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