Joy is in Simplicity


There is joy in the simple things, a penultimate pleasure juxtaposed with pain

when the words come to life, colors and sounds birthed from lifeless womb.

The way eyes glaze across the pages, hungrily drinking in the sacred symbols

hearkens to days gone by when charlatans chanted obeisance for forgotten Gods.

Life fades away into the grey background as the letters seize the soul for a spell,

silently shattering secret desires and exposing the innermost affliction of avarice,

the intimate act of sharing another being’s mind so taboo and refreshingly shocking

in its casualness that the spirit is seized in a fervor of emotion that can’t be contained.

Love so much sweeter than the mixing of chemicals and so much more tragic the loss,

each poignant moment of pain the perfect training for heartbreak in future foretold.


This poem will be continued when something else makes me extremely ecstatic. I hope to add many more stanzas!


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