Picture Perfect


To you I am just a picture, not even perfect

a static caricature, a representation of a reality.

Do you not realized that I have grown…up?

My roots pushing past, putting the past behind

I have tasted the sky with my fingers and smiled,

greeted the sun with with a kiss on the nose

and laughed at the impossibility of it all.

I have grown beyond , now I cast the shadow

except it’s not a shadow to outlive but shade,

a place of refuge when the storm slams doors

and wrecks havoc upon your heart you can rest,

stop resisting awhile and just breathe with me.

But you don’t remember the present, my presence

is mired in the past when I admired you passively

and you can’t see anything but an imperfect picture.

A moment cut from the time stream and pasted

into your memory bank…I am only a picture.

Why can’t you see the changes I have wrought

within with these words I have written, I, smitten

drowned in sin but too belligerently blessed I died

and before my casket cocoon was buried you snapped,

a picture is all you have of me, my walls closed

and my heart trapped within, that’s all you can see.

But I am sorry, I broke the gilded frame of guilt

and shattered the glass that suffocated my expression

and even as I floated to the grounded, smile

illuminated briefly by an errant ray of sun kissing me

goodbye, I laughed knowing to you I am just a picture.

I climbed the ray of sunlight using laughter for steps,

so don’t be surprised when you only find a blank frame.

If you want to see me again, look up and you’ll see me

all grown up, a perfect place to find shelter in the storm.


2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

  1. Laurisa

    Wow. Love it. Words spoken to a person from you past? Definitely a reminder that we should always look up to see how people have grown up– give them another chance perhaps.

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