A Poem for a Friend


I just wanted to reblog this so you can all attest to the birth of my new identity. If you have read my About section you would understand where my name comes from. I think the time has come for me to graduate from being pathetic. Ladies and gentlemen, my dear friend Scribbles has knighted me in a flash of inspiration. From this day I shall now be the Prophet of Potential.

Journeying as Beloved

You’ve probably seen Moses’ comments here and there on my posts, and I have reblogged several of his poems.  He’s an excellent writer that I am proud to both envy and call my friend.  Our discussions have been a source of growth for both of us, and we also have our fair share of joking around.  We make each other think, and honestly I think we sharpen each other’s creativity.  In a burst of inspiration from a phrase in a text, I wrote the following.  If you don’t know Moses–well, I’ll let the words say the rest.  Here’s to a great friend.  



Prophet of Potential



Shy little sly sheep

Daring dragon hides within

Life and soul aflame





The Scribbler

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