This isn’t a Poem


I am a horrible human being.

This is not an attempt to be clever, or poetic.

Just, fact. I am.

I don’t think it’s my fault really.

Though I don’t think I was born this way.

I was born human, flawed, that’s true.

But somehow, I think I see too much.

Yet, I do not act because I am human.

I am a coward, yellow bellied failure.

They say some dreams are worth dying for,

It’s funny, I would be willing to die.

So why can’t I live more than a lie?

That was an accidental rhyme. This is no poem.

It’s a confession,

but even here I hide behind my words.

I wonder if I will ever be naked.


2 thoughts on “This isn’t a Poem

  1. Hmmm….. 1. I like that this is short. 2. This is much slower-paced than your normal writes, and I also like that. This is more quiet introspection. Confession, as you said, but not in a rush to purge the soul Simply stating the truths as you realize them, one by one, digesting their implications. 3. Italicized they–(any relation to my own? [; ) It’s put to good use. Well-written. I like this soft, contemplative, side. It’s a bit matter-of-fact, objective. Not overdone.

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