Chase Night Away


Do you remember when we danced the night away,

our laughing steps banishing the darkness?

Do you remember how we would slowly drift and sway

like flying flower petals, we were a marvelous mess.

I remember when time seemed to stop passing

and rest awhile in the sunlit forest clearing as we slept,

dreaming together of pleasant tomorrows surpassing

in splendor any of the hidden desires that we kept.

We couldn’t even call it love then, it was a seed unfurling,

a poignant moment of magic and mystery and more,

that superseded reality and made me want to sing.

You made me want to sing, about you, the one I adore.

Though time passed and the music stopped playing

and the flames that burned so bright are buried in winter

every time I hear the melody of spring, I can hear you saying

that you love me and all the lonely nights pass as a blur.

Do you remember when we danced the night away?



2 thoughts on “Chase Night Away

  1. Is this an update of an older poem? I feel like I’ve read this before… or at least something similar, from you. Wonderful, though. Not your typical love fluff but still heartfelt, sincere, honest. Good stuff.

  2. Bahaha! I love this comment so much. Love fluff 😛 It’s feels like an older piece because I was tapping into a different time and it fits in pretty well with my poetry from that time which might be why it feels familiar.

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