Surrender suppressed rage and listen to my words,

Let the ashes flare to light and feed from my flame.

I speak for a generation deemed unfit to rise and conquer

but if you listen close you can hear the swell of the ocean,

our voices rising in unison, unique in presentation but relentless

the waves smashing the stubborn cliff faces of ignorance.

Those are our voices saying “We Have Had Enough!”

We have exhausted the excuses and we are tired of the lies,

“Lazy. Entitled. Stupid. No Work Ethic. Back in the good old days…”

Victims of assault from the constant verbal barrage,

we are prisoners to perceptions, we are called pathetic.

It’s hard to deny when some wear the our shame with pride

but they are not the representation of this generation.

Listen to my words as I speak for those who like me

are refusing to continue to sleeping in complacency and desire

to see a world filled with light, no more walking in the dark

We are coming and we are angry, burning bright within.

This world is ours to hold and we will seize it with our hands,

you call us lazy but we will work until we bleed,

satisfy those you starved who now need to feed.

You call us entitled though we are shackled with student debt

but we will bear it on our broad backs like warrior, leaders.

Stupid? We are the future! It is not our fault you cannot understand.

Listen. But words are only words until they come to life.

So listen, hear our voices. Teach us. Remember us.

We are your children. We are the future. Listen.


3 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Pfft–rough and raw it may be, but it captures the sentiment well. Even if you didn’t sharpen it up, it carries fantastic force and resonance. I like this. And perhaps it should stay rough–because we’re no perfect polished generation and we are rebellious and maybe headstrong but passionate enough to try anyway. Well done.

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