Rebirth (repost)


We rage—struggle like caterpillars,

seemingly in vain, apparently aimless

but even in the mundane mess made

beauty spills out, iridescent brilliance

burning with desire to go higher,

our wings kissing the sky with color

as we dance wildly through the wind

and glory in the careful chaos of a world

that billows chance and sweeps us up,

far beyond the limits of the finite

grasp of our inherent possibilities

until we reach for the sun itself.

But like Icarus the fool we blaze bright,

the sun’s kind caress killing us softly

and we silently fall in showers of ash,

blanketing the verdant green below

with a covering of grey failure

and consuming life in somber depression.

Slowly the wind dances through us,

swirling our eager, restless thoughts

till when we are ready we rise, caterpillar

again struggling at bottom of the totem

but now more dedicated to the ascent.

Ripping our cocoon to shreds

we blaze forth, even more beautiful,

into the brave new world, no longer afraid

for we are butterfly no more

but a phoenix in flight, untethered

and beyond the fear of death.

Beyond even the fear of failure itself. 


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