Truly Alone


Have you ever felt so alone that you stopped existing
for a moment, lost in the momentousness of it all?
Not lonely, pining for a love lost or a chance missed
like a hungry wolf slinking from shadow to shadow,
but like a lost traveler stumbling upon nirvana
in the form of a pool of water in a barren desert.
Alone with nothing but the wind for company
and sweet thoughts of silence for stimulation.
There is a peace in the lack, in the dark beyond
where formless fears reside as if waiting,
baiting the traveler with the promise of serenity.
Sometimes the relevation must be sacrificed
for the sake of sanity and clarity must be kept.
But sometimes when you are alone in the dark
you surrender past your fears and open your eyes
and drink deep from the fountain bubbling,
beckoning for you to come closer and be free.
The water, cold and bracing is erasing the past,
robbing you of your misery and leaving new skin
in the places that your scars once called home.
You are not a wolf here, or a dragon, or a sheep-
you are a traveler, alone in the desert, bathing.
You know that eventually you will have to wake,
pick up your dirty baggage and slog forward to the
future, but for a moment, you are alone and alive.
Have you ever felt so alone that you stopped existing


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