I am stuck at cusp of becoming but still I am a child.

My mind aflight with childish fantasies of Write

and wrong though my eyes see the machine clearly.

I still believe in love, I am broken and I have broken

still I believe in art, in Kintsukuroi, because we

are made more beautiful for having been broken.

Our scars tell the stories of the times we died

and our hearts pumping painfully say we still live!

Torn apart by my innocence I am both the dragon

and the virgin blood I desire to consume whole.

Each step I take brings me closer to the infinite,

though unfathomable I count myself a shining star.

I am part of the system but not a part of the system,

I stand apart and part the pain, I am the resistance.

The sun cast shadows that never seem to  pass,

and I drown in the darkness of light for days, alone

but every once in awhile I stand on top of a mountain.

I can breathe clearly and the world seems fresh

almost as if burnt, broken, shattered and reborn.

Though I am stuck in purgatory today, I am still alive


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