Letting Go


Tension filled muscles pull taut against the sunset, a chemical solution of fear and excitement painting white walls across my face.

I am beautiful, an immaculate compilation of paradoxical paradigms balanced perfectly but swaying slightly in the winds of time.

Gentle as the soft kiss of snowflakes on a memory I let go, my each step shatters the world, captured by the lazy shutter blink of my eyes.

Holy and blessed, my wings blossom bright against the oncoming darkness but fades slow as hallowed light meets reality and I am human, again.

Terrified child tossing about in the wild winds of stormy voices, I clutch the empty air looking for salvation, but I am falling, drowning in fear.

“Resist the fall, regain your reality”, repeat, repeat until it’s a mantra, a requiem for my freedom as I pass the point of no return gleefully

Open wider than oceans, my eyes drink in the sights spread before me as if watching a silent movie, my heart beat the film score.

Paradise is that moment between death and life when everything is quiet and for the first time I can see through God’s eyes.

Everything ends, I slowly descend, return to the earth, still human but somehow much more, the only evidence of my ascent the swaying rope.


One thought on “Letting Go

  1. So a while back I started this forum topic called “at the end of the day”. Basically, I wanted know what people were holding on to, grateful for, at the end of the day–what gave them comfort and hope for tomorrow. Someone posted this, and I’ve mulled it over a bit recently: “There’s more to let go of than to hold onto.” This, coupled with the concept of surrender and your poem, have me in some deep thought. What do we hold on to? What do we let go? And what if when we let go of everything we have arms enough to gain it all back? There’s an underlying freedom here… Anyway, I will shut up on my quasi-philosophical-theological comments now.
    The Scribbler

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