Sodden Sadness


Sodden sadness strikes like a monsoon unexpected,

soaking my mind with a deluge of emotions. 

The truth seeks the freedom to leak from my face

but my eyelids slam shut like floodgates

and I am drowning on dry ground, chest heaving

having trouble breathing these bitter waters. 

Like a mermaid searching for a thingamajig I flounder, 

wondering how I can miss something I never had

and lose something I never owned, but still I search

for the sunken treasure hoping for salvation

but the only thing waiting is a pillar of salt. 

Don’t look at me! I’m swimming in denial and regret

swallowing guilt like a fish gill gulping for life

Sudden sadness strikes like a monster I know too well. 


You make me burn with unholy fire

My presence, profanity before your purity

but like an angel disguised

You smile and everything is right with the world