A Short Poem


Because we have the attention span
Of a dragon-
fly flitting from place to place.

And I don’t have time to capture you
with a net of intricate words
So stop a second for a sweet morsel,

then fly…away
butterfly soft.


4 thoughts on “A Short Poem

  1. A little self-reflection here? ;] This brings to mind a baby dragon, excited by all that glitters and fascinated by the wonders of the world—both simple and complex. It also brings to mind the obsessive nature we have to consume esteem and achieve a certain status—we want our gold gold gold, our reputation shining bright with the attention others give it. So are we fickle baby dragons or grouchy old ones? (Okay sorry I’m done being philosophical now….o.o….)

  2. Poetry, they say, is only ready and appreciated by other poets. And poetry is only broadcast once it has become a classic, which means the author is dead and his contemporary poetry no longer contemporary, but something for generations of school children to be submitted to. This is so short and sweet it could real in an ipod user I think. But they wouldn’t even have read my comment through….

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