End of the World


A mountain erupts, glowing hot and black against the sky
It’s red heart/heat overshadowed by the reality of death.

A tsunami smashes the shore, a countless million droplets
Filled with ghosts buried at sea seeking to kiss land once more

A tornado roars so loudly that only silence can understand its rage
Memories running rampant, they’ve forgotten how to fly to forever

Earth cracks, its facade quaking, shivering fear or indolent shoulder shrug
Promises broken laying like shattered glass and steel beams twisted

Is the world ending
or is it just my heart


Rest A While


“And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while:for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat” Mark 3:16


Chaos, voices tumbling and tossing,

like laundry in a dryer, nothing but hot air

blowing and picking up desert sand, 

stinging hot like glowing embers, burning

hot, stinging, like the churning acid in your belly

each heated hammer word smashing,

crashing, crushing concentration,

dam, broken, spilling over, crying, tears?

as you are torn apart

as they stand talking, crowding, asking

pushing buttons and starting the cycle

over, over, over, over again. 



Close your eyes. 

Open them and remember sand. 


Cradling your toes like a rough blanket, 

as the waves caress the shore slowly, 

water retreating into the darkening sky, 

and the wind blowing lightly. 

The island is deserted and loud, 

in the quiet way that nature has,

full of harmonious noise. 

You are alive here. 

You are free here. 

So stop. 



This poem is for a friend. She knows who I mean. It was written for her, but anyone who is overwhelmed by life is welcome to stop and rest a while. 


Language of Pain


It’s not a beautiful poem.
It’s ugly,
and wretched.
A reminder of failure,
pain is the frowny face
on hospital charts.
A language that dances
along the nerve lines
and never seems to fall free.

Like the friend nobody wants,
pain is a constant reminder
at least I’m not dead
At least, I feel.
At least.

Reblog for Reblog


We all have great work that needs to see the light. I was thinking it would be a good idea to do something similar to the tumblr was of reblogging.

To start go to someone’s blog and really immerse yourself and once you find a favorite you Reblog it. Hopefully we can get a lot of people doing the same.

I promise to Reblog everyone who re blogs me. I would love to meet and get to know more bloggers 🙂

Have A Good Night


I gift you this, my inky darkness
Filled the subtle secrets of subconscious murmurings,
A goodnight I give you for day is too bright and hard,
Too honest with its light so I give you night,
Not the cold oppressive black that consumes,
but rather the softness of a mothers kiss or father’s voice
As the bedtime story fades into the harmony of the universe
And snores join crickets in concert.
A good night with the moon hanging heavy like ripe fruit,
or a fair maiden pining for her dark Knight.
Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite
But rather let them dance to the beat of your resting heart
Close your eyes and drift away in the sea of ebony
and let the darkness wash away the struggle of the day.
In the silence that falls only the moment before sleep,
smile and remember to have a good night

Poetry Nowadays


Pathetic pandering to the same tired people,
Tongue tied they can only snap the same tune.
Clubbed to deaf with cliché, hypnotized blind
They…we are prey and predator, snake swallowing
Gorging on our behinds, entangled in our entrails.
What happened to living words, dancing sparks
the match to set off a forest fire of emotion
Shattering the dam, the walls and washing pain away
Where is the blood caressing pages like ink,
Tracing the cracks in shattered hearts so we can breath.
poetry nowadays needs mouth to mouth resuscitation
So let’s pick up pens, pencils and computer keyboards
Open our spirits and let the soul breath life unto the page

Instant Karma


Good deeds come back tenfold:

Out to dinner with friends. Park on the street across from the restaurant and head in. The machine said free parking till August and I’m walking in peppy cause that’s a dollar saved. A guy, looked about my age approaches and asks for money. I give him the change in my pocket that I would have used to park.

Enter restaurant and go up the elevator. When I get to the top, a server tells me that I have to move my car cause I’m about to get a ticket. I hobbled down, see the guy I’d given the dollar holding off the cop till I got across the street.

I was so grateful. Had I not given him that dollar would he have said any thing? This is an example of a small act of kindness having a huge and immediate response. I gave aall the change I’ve collected in my car. I hope he can turn his situation around!