Sign Language: Talking to God


If I could talk to God on a misty morning,
I would remind him that humans are beautiful
and blind and deaf to the perfection of ourselves.

I would beg him for a sign, a language, sign language
to help us remember what our heart cries daily.
We could communicate the intangibles with curled fingers.

I would not ask for peace, or love, or money but understanding.
I would not ask to see or hear because sometimes the truth is bitter
I would ask only for a sign. A language to filter our spirits.


4 thoughts on “Sign Language: Talking to God

  1. Okay first of all I’m rebloggiing this. Secondly, there is an urgent yearning in this piece–maybe desperate, but not despairing. Simply a deep, soulful longing to be reminded of the truth of who we are. I love this. (I’m also stalking your blog today, evidently :P)

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