Instant Karma


Good deeds come back tenfold:

Out to dinner with friends. Park on the street across from the restaurant and head in. The machine said free parking till August and I’m walking in peppy cause that’s a dollar saved. A guy, looked about my age approaches and asks for money. I give him the change in my pocket that I would have used to park.

Enter restaurant and go up the elevator. When I get to the top, a server tells me that I have to move my car cause I’m about to get a ticket. I hobbled down, see the guy I’d given the dollar holding off the cop till I got across the street.

I was so grateful. Had I not given him that dollar would he have said any thing? This is an example of a small act of kindness having a huge and immediate response. I gave aall the change I’ve collected in my car. I hope he can turn his situation around!


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