Have A Good Night


I gift you this, my inky darkness
Filled the subtle secrets of subconscious murmurings,
A goodnight I give you for day is too bright and hard,
Too honest with its light so I give you night,
Not the cold oppressive black that consumes,
but rather the softness of a mothers kiss or father’s voice
As the bedtime story fades into the harmony of the universe
And snores join crickets in concert.
A good night with the moon hanging heavy like ripe fruit,
or a fair maiden pining for her dark Knight.
Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite
But rather let them dance to the beat of your resting heart
Close your eyes and drift away in the sea of ebony
and let the darkness wash away the struggle of the day.
In the silence that falls only the moment before sleep,
smile and remember to have a good night


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